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Here at stmarysphysio, located at the newly built St Mary’s Primary Care Centre in Gurranabraher, we believe physiotherapy has a number of different roles that include:

 - Assessment and diagnosis of new or recurrent musculoskeletal problems

 - Attempt to assess and out-rule musculoskeletal causes of symptoms relating to underlying medical problems

 - Educate in the role of exercise and rehabilitation of current problems, in prevention of recurrences, and the often forgotten aspect of prevention of injury in the first place.

What might we do to provide this:

  • Assess/Examine
  • Diagnose
  • Explain to the client of probable causes
  • Treat
  • Provide a Home exercise programme
  • Provide advice in relation to general lifestyle to lower risk of recurrence of symptoms

St Mary's Physio has a firm hands on therapy approach to manual therapy and each person is often given an exercise programme personalised to their condition and lifestyle . We liaise with GP’s, Consultants, Occupational Health specialists, Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches etc. to ensure speedy and seamless return to full activity.

Everyone and anyone can attend for physiotherapy, no referral necessary from an allied health professional. 
(Please see the Appointments section of this website for details on how to make your appointment.)

Here at stmarysphysio we can provide assessment and treatment in relation to:

New or recurrent Sports Injuries & provide continuing rehabilitation in relation to these
Orthopedic care:

to include pre-habilitation which is care prior to your surgery, to ensure you are in the stronger position entering in to surgery to allow for quicker rehabilitation

post-surgery and rehabilitation post-surgery, to quicken your recovery
(Please note, we are more than happy to liase with your Consultant in relation to this Orthopedic care)

Postural assessments, at home and in the work place.

Acute or Chronic Musculoskeletal/Neurological conditions, for example; Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis

At smartsphysio we also have a special interest in the Care of the Older Person, in fact we also provide services to Nursing Homes and our care can include the treatment of patients with sometimes complex neurological problems to include in particular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia.

Additionally we are able to provide care for people who may have been involved in accidents either at home, at work or on the road. 

This may include medico-legal assessments and treatment and on some occasions provide Medical Legal Reports in relation to these injuries to Solicitors, PIAB or Allied Health Professionals.




Initial Assessment and Treatment €50
Cost per session thereafter €50
Please note we offer a reduced fee to full GMS Medical Card holders (this does not include Doctor Visit Card (DVC) holders), Students (school/college/university) in full time education, and Retirees (over the age of 66) €40
In some circumstances we can also offer Home Visits
(for home visits this fee is payable in advance)

Service to Sports Clubs
These are available at a reduced fee, following prior consultation and agreement with the club concerned.

Additional Notes:

The usual session duration is 30 minutes.

Longer treatment sessions can be provided (and may be necessary) however there may be an additional charge relating to these.

Tax Relief is available on all physiotherapy visits. 20% tax relief can be claimed on all medical expenses including visits to a Chartered Physiotherapist. This can be done by completing a Med 1 Health Expenses Form which can be found on the Revenue Commissioner’s website.

Please see the notes below relating to Private Health Insurance companies, and the financial assistance they provide to help assist with covering the cost of your physiotherapy care:


VHI Customers on the Following Plans: as of October 2018

  • First Plan Select
    €20 discount for each appointment for up to 4 visits.
  • One Plan starter Day 2 Day
    €20 discount for each appointment for up to 3 visits.
  • Plan Level 1, Healthsteps Silver, Forward Plan Level 1 and First Plan Level 1
    €25 discount per visit for up to 7 visits.
  • Family Plan level 2, Healthsteps Gold, Forward Plan Level 2 and First Plan Level 2
    €35 discount per visit for up to 7 visits.

Please note that excesses may apply to some schemes and vary from €1 to €25 per annum.

For more information and forth updates please  see


Aviva Customers on the Following Plans: as of October 2018

  • Level 1 Everyday
    Up to €30 per visit.
  • Level 2 Complete Health
    Cover included for Physiotherapy included in plan, but amount not specified. €20 discount for each appointment for up to 3 visits.

Please note that excesses may apply to some schemes.

At the end of your policy year, call Aviva on 1890 717 717 to register your claim.

For more information and further updates please see


Laya Healthcare customers on the following schemes: as of October 2018

  • Essential Care
    €20 discount for each appointment for up to 4 visits.
  • Health Manager First, Health Manager Starter, Family Care, Credit Union Family, Complete Care
    €25 discount per visit.
  • Health Manager Silver, Health Manager Gold
    €25-€35 discount per visit.

Please note that excesses may apply to some scheme.

For more information see

Claiming your medical insurance and tax relief can greatly reduce any fees you pay at St. Mary’s Physio!